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Bostik Crazy Clay

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Bostik Crazy Clay is the world’s softest and lightest modelling clay. It is super
elastic, easy to mould, and air dries without shrinkage or cracking. It is non-toxic
and is a perfect modelling clay for young children. It comes in a pack containing
six bright colours: red, yellow, purple, while, blue and black.

Ideal for school projects, art & craft applications as well as increasing your child’s creativity. Also suitable as a
therapeutic putty for hand and finger rehabilitation exercises.
Not suitable for children younger than 3 years of age.

Bostik Crazy Clay is non-toxic. The product poses a choking hazard if ingested. In the event of ingestion, the
mouth should be washed with water. Seek medical assistance if irritation or discomfort persists. Refer to our
Safety Data Sheet for further toxicological information and comprehensive handling instructions.

1. Mould, elongate, twist and shape to create objects and creations of various sizes and shapes.
2. Use the colour mixing guide provided inside the pack to create additional colours.
3. Press Bostik Crazy Clay parts together to form your creations.
4. Once your creation is complete, allow to air-dry for 6 hours. Final drying time will depend on the thickness
of your creation. Do not oven bake.
5. Keep unused clay in its original air-tight container to prevent drying. Ensure that the tub is tightly sealed.
6. Before clay is completely dry, you can remodel it by spraying with water.
7. Once dried and set, creations can be protected by varnishing.

To create different colours, mix the following together:
 Red + Yellow = ORANGE
 Yellow + Blue = GREEN
 White + Purple = LILAC
 White + Blue = LIGHT BLUE
 White + Red = PINK
 Red + Yellow + Black = BROWN


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